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General Conditions of Participation (English)

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The 31 Granada City Half Marathon is an urban race that is 21.097,5 meters long that is managed by the Sports Council of Granada. Anyone can take part in the half marathon, official runner or not, provided that each runner meets the race day requirements.

The Granada City Half Marathon will take place on October 6, 2013. The race will start at 10:00 am from C/ Torre de la Pólvora, and the finish line will be at C/Torre de la Pólvora.

The organization office will be located at the Sports Council of Granada close to the “Palacio de Deportes” (C/ Torre de Comares s/no, 18007 Granada; Tel.: 958.13.11.17; fax: 958.13.09.86; e-mail:, where any queries will be solved from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The Competition Centre will be located at “Complejo Deportivo Nuñez Blanca.” (C/ Pedro Torres de Morales, 18008 Granada; Tel.: 958.81.90.70) This facility will be open the day before the race from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and the day of the race from 7:30 am to 8:30 am.

Participation requirements.

Requirements to be met by runners that want to participate:

The 31 Granada City Half Marathon follow the rules of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), the track of the race is approved by this, and therefore, the marks achieved in this race will be official.

For general interest, the organization has limited the maximum time to be spent on the race. Any athlete who does not meet the established times will be excluded from the race, and will go inside the special bus located at the end of the race or take the number off and leave the rac-e. The maximum times permitted will be:

There will be a minimum of 4 main provisioning stations on kilometers. 4, 9, 14 and 19, furthermore there will be other provisioning stations with sponges for cooling and water. The timing of the race will be done through the system of "disposable electronic chip". Runners must take it before the start of the race with the runner´s bag.

There will be running controls at various points of the track, at the starting line, and at the finish line.

There will be a dressing area next to the finish area. The organization is not responsible for personal belongings left in this area.

The entire track will be restricted to the traffic and closed completely in the direction of the race. The only vehicles allowed to drive on the course will be those designated by the organization.

Participants will have an accident insurance and liability incidents insurance that will cover the incidences related with the race as required under the current legislation. The organization accepts no liability for any damage, loss or injury that participants may suffer or cause to others, outside the strict scope of the competition.


Registration. The maximum number of participants is limited to a total of 5000 athletes. Registrations can be carried out:
Deadline for registration. The last day for registration and whenever there are available places will be:
Participation rights:

Registration Fees Ratio
Deadline for registration
Until September 27, 2013
12,5 €
See conditions*

*Instruction on the application of the relief provided for the Regulations of management and public rates the performance of sports public service runs by the Sports Department of the City of Granada usage charges of sports. Sporting Events section 4, click to view.

Payment. The registration may be paid by:
The registration remained not formalized until the payment has been checked. When so, a number will be automatically assigned. Having a number assigned ensures that the participant has been properly registered.

Any participant, to formalize their registration, accept the conditions of participation in this event and agrees to comply with these rules, as well as, to take the risk inherent in the sport of athletics practice, without prejudice to the provisions of the current legislation.

Any participant, to formalize his registration, is authorizing the publication of personal data necessary for the development of the test, either in the listings, in media and / or Internet, as well as the use to send information relating to this event. Also authorizes that the images collected (photo or video) can be used in any publication or advertising action with the only purpose of promotion and dissemination of the event.

Each participant is responsible for the veracity of the data provided in the registration process, and agrees that such data to be incorporated into an automated file, which is responsible for the Sports Council of Granada. The data subject shall have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the terms provided for in the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data.

The number and chip collection will take place on October 5, from 5:00 pm. to 9:00 pm at the Competition Center, and Sunday, October 6, from 7:30 am to 8:30 am.
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Existing categories in this race are set forth as follows:

Adult categories: male and female.
AbsolutaBorn in 1995 and earlier (21,097 '5 m distance.)
Júnior1994 y 1995Veterano C1964 – 1968
Promesa1991, 1992 y 1993Veterano D1959 – 1963
Sénior 1979 - 1990Veterano E1954 – 1958
Veterano A1974 - 1978Veterano F1949 – 1953
Veterano B1969 - 1973Veterano G1948 and earlier
Armed forces and security bodies 11995 and earlier
1 Police, firefighters and military that can demonstrate this condition at the time of enrollment.
Intellectually disabled 21995 and earlier
2 Intellectually disabled that can demonstrate this condition at the time of enrollment.
Wheelchair disabled 21995 and earlier
3 Wheelchair disabled that can demonstrate this condition at the time of enrollment.
Wheelchair disabled that can demonstrate this condition at the time of enrollment. 41995 and earlier
4 Physical and sensory disability that can demonstrate this condition at the time of enrollment.

If in doubt about age, amateur or professional status, belonging to a particular category, etc. the organization may claim supporting documents in each case (ID, professional license, accreditation of military, handicap certificate, etc.).

Awards and medals.

The organization handed the following awards, which in no event shall be cumulative:

General absolute.
At 3 finishers in each male and female category
Categories by age.
Armed forces and security bodies.
Intellectually disabled.
Wheelchair disabled.
Physical and sensory disability.
General absolute – women and men.
300 €
200 €
100 €

All runners who get one of the prizes set by the organization, will have to pick them up personally and identify themselves by the presentation of your ID card, Passport or similar, prior to collection of the same.

The non-appearance during the awards ceremony will result in the loss of the right of the reception of trophy or prize.

Participants with cash prizes are required to perform doping control. They will not receive the income for the prize until the organization does not have the test results.

By taking any place in the official and final classification, once known doping control results and possible claims, will not give the right under any circumstances to get the cash prize that corresponded to the disqualified runner.

Participants in wheelchairs and skateboards are only eligible for awards in its class, never on the overall awards.

The Children´s categories will have no cash prize; they are given different gifts provided by the sponsors or vouchers for sports equipment.

Foreign athletes who have not executed their registration before 2:00 pm of September 25, 2013, will not be able to qualify for final classification, nor shall be entitled to the prize or trophy.

Sporting sanctions.

A reason for disqualification by the judges of the race could be:


Claims prior to the competition and on inscriptions, age, location of participants, etc. will be directed to the Organization office (Offices at the Palacio de los Deportes, or the Competition Centre during the collection of numbers).

The results of the runners are exclusive competence of the members of the Committee of Judges and Timekeepers of the Andalusian Federation of Athletics, being the Referee of the race, the maximum sports authority with the powers conferred on the rules of the IAAF.

Complaints concerning the course of the competition will be directed to the Committee of Judges of the FAA. For this, it will be enabled an office close to the finish line, which is the only place where these claims will be attended.

The deadline for claims finalized after the awards ceremony. After this and once resolved complaints, rankings happen to have definitive character.

The rankings will be official once certified by the Committee of Judges of the FAA. The runner who has successfully completed the race can download from the official website, a personalized certificate about the time made, and its position within its category.

Adult track profile.

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Refreshment points (R) and Provisioning stations (P).

Adult track.

Start C/ Torre de la Pólvora, C/ Carmen de Burgos, roundabout to Camino Bajo de Huetor, against traffic direction. Paseo Laguna de Cameros against traffic direction, under the gate Centro Comercial Serrallo Plaza, on roundabout of Las Conegeras turn left in C/ José Tamayo, Avda. Cervantes, turn left in C/ Profesor Albareda, Avda. Pablo Picasso, Avda. Dílar, Avda. Cádiz, turn right in Avda. Don Bosco, roundbout Fernando de los Ríos (cruce de la Carretera de Armilla), Avda. de la Ciencia, turn right in C/ Los Juncos dirección Camino de Ronda, turn left in (first brigde) to get C/ Arabial (against traffic direction until crossing Camino de Purchil), keep going C/ Arabial giro turn left in Calle Cañaveral, Camino de las Vacas, turn right in Avd. de las Alpujarras, roundabout Carretera de Málaga, C/ Circunvalación Encina, roundabout Avda. Andalucía turn right in, Avda. Andalucía until the roundabout with C/ Cruz del Sur, turn right in C/ Cruz del Sur until roundabout with Camino de Ronda y Avda. de Málaga, Camino de Ronda until Méndez Núñez, turn left in, Avda. Fuente Nueva (against traffic direction), C/ Doctor Severo Ochoa, turn left in Avda. Constitución, Plaza de La Caleta, Avda. del Andalucía, until roundabout Avda. Andalucía, to turn right in C/ Pintor Francisco Pradilla, to continue in C/ Luis Amador, until roundaboout and turn right in Avda. Luis Miranda Dábalos, until roundabout and turn right in Carretera de Jaén, Avda. Tete Montoliu, roundabout Joaquina Eguaras, Avda. Tete Montoliu, roundabout Avda. de Pulianas, turn right in Avda. de Pulianas, Avda. de Pulianas, Plaza San Isidro, C/ Ancha de Capuchinos, to turn right in the bridge Triunfo, por Avda. del Hospicio, until the roundabout San Juan de Dios, turn left in until C/ Gran Vía de Colón, turn right in C/ Reyes Católicos, turn left in the crossing with Puerta Real de España to C/ Ángel Ganivet, C/ Ángel Ganivet until Plaza de Mariana Pineda, turn right in Plaza de Mariana Pineda dirección Plaza Bibataubín, turn left in Plaza Bibataubín, Carrera del Genil left side, turn left in Paseo del Salón, Paseo del Salón left side (against traffic direction) to Paseo de la Bomba, until roundabout Puente Verde, do it inside, Paseo de la Bomba (pedestrian way), Paseo del Salón (pedestrian way) to Plaza Humilladero, turn left in Puente Blanco, turn left to get Paseo de los Basilios, turn right to Callejón de Pretorio at roundabout turn right in Avda. Pablo Picasso, at roundabout turn to get C/ Andrés Segovia (against traffic direction) pass Plaza de Fontiveros on the left side against traffic direction and keep going in C/ Andrés Segovia, Paseo del Emperador Carlos V (against traffic direction) until roundabout and turn left in C/ Torre de la Pólvora.
Finish line at C/ Torre de la Pólvora (21 Km. y 97'5 m.).

Profile tour.

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